Monday, December 24, 2007

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"I WAS never involved with sleazes, unless the sleaze was super-hot, in which case abso-fucking-lutely!" - ex-supermodel Janice Dickinson to London's Observer.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Over One million visitors!

Finally after all these years my Janice Dickinson site has made it to over
one million hits, thanks mostly to her stint on the U.K.'s "I'm a celebrity
get me outta here!"

here is a clip from the show

Monday, December 10, 2007

Janice weighs in on underage models

How young is too young for girls to model?
World’s first supermodel worries what could befall 13-year-old Australian

By Mike Celizic contributor
updated 9:30 a.m. ET, Tues., Sept. 18, 2007

Janice Dickinson was the world’s first supermodel, and she doesn’t care how adult and graceful Australian model Maddison Gabriel looks on a fashion runway. At barely 13 years of age, she’s just too young, Dickinson said.

“There’s lots of drugs, there’s lots of alcohol, there’s lots of photographers preying on these girls,” Dickinson said Tuesday on TODAY. “Thirteen is way too young.”

Maddison turned 13 on Sunday; she was still 12 when she was chosen as the “face” and official ambassador of the Gold Coast Fashion Week in Australia. At 5 feet 7 inches, the blue-eyed girl has the looks and the moves to model clothing — some of it provocative — designed for women two and three times her age.

“It doesn’t matter about the age,” she says with adolescent insouciance. “It matters that you can do the job. I can fit into women’s clothes. I can model women’s clothes, so I should be able to do it.”

“Well, there’s babies on TV, isn’t there, doing commercials,” says her mother, Michelle Gabriel, who has been wildly criticized in Australia for allowing her daughter to start modeling at such a young age. “You tell me. What is too young?”
Maddison Gabriel

The Gabriels were in London when they made those statements recently. Maddison can not work as a fashion model in Europe, though; the age limit for runway work there is 16.

And Dickinson said that she will not allow any girls under 18 to model for her agency.

“I have about 32 girls who are dying to break that 18-year-old mark,” she told TODAY co-host Matt Lauer. “Get your high school diploma and then come and see me.”

Dickinson knows what she’s talking about. Born in 1955 in Brooklyn to parents she’s described as dysfunctional at best, she went to Europe to become a model in the 1970s and catapulted to stardom.

She also leaped into the world of Studio 54, alcohol, drugs and indiscriminate sex, once telling Howard Stern that she had slept with at least 1,000 men.

Dickinson, who still looks spectacular at 52, is sober now, the owner of her own modeling agency and a judge on “America’s Next Top Model.” She also appears on “The Surreal Life.”

Is 13-year-old too young to model?
Is 13-year-old too young to model?

source: / Today Show

Janice Dickinson: "Tyra Banks Is Fat"

Janice Dickinson Defends Hewitt In A Bikini As Healthy: "Tyra Banks Is Fat"

The Today Show is not one to miss an opportunity to show off the Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini pictures.

They continued the streak today by inviting Janice Dickinson, the self-described first supermodel, and discussed whether a size 2 is fat. Janice defended Hewitt, called her "healthy" and "not emaciated." She continued, "You want to see someone who's fat, I'm sorry, Tyra, Tyra Banks is fat." Banks used to be Dickinson's boss in the early seasons of "America's Next Top Model" and has herself been the subject of unflattering bathing suit photos.

After she was confronted by Al Roker about the remark, she sort of backed off, but it's unclear is she was being genuine.

source: The Huffington Post

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Janice 2nd on "I'm a Celebrity..."

Janice is runner up

“Oh maaaaaaaan!” Janice was pipped to the podium by Jungle King Biggins.

Branded a “big, bold and beautiful lunatic” by Katie, Janice Dickinson is one contestant that we won’t forget in a hurry.

And with a rat bite and record 10 Bushtucker Trials under her belt, we have a feeling that the experience made a bit of a mark on the lady herself too.

“I thought it was a holiday,” the former supermodel barked as she bounded back from the jungle. “I thought it was a spa, and I thought I was going to get a shot at him!” she added, pointing at Dec.

“I’m sort of a room service kind of girl, or so I thought. I feel like I’ve really conquered some fears.” And she couldn’t have done it without the support of our hosts with the most.

Yes, after cracking on to Dec, nicknaming Ant “Junior”, and finally conquering those cockroaches in her final stunning Trial, Stake Out, was Janice really that terrified as she shrieked, “I can’t eat croc d**k, are you insane?”

“I meant it,” she insisted. “There was no acting about it, otherwise I would be in Hollywood."

And did The Dickinson think that she’d romp all the way to the final?

“Noo!” she hollered at the boys. “I’m elated. I got this far, I’m grateful to the people of the United Kingdom… A rat came onto my bed and took a chomp. I got beaten up, knocked over, bowled over and bitten.

“I didn’t think I’d make it through anything. I equate this to the delivery of my two children – the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

“It’s been the biggest, most extraordinary experience in my life and I’m so grateful for everything I’m A Celebrity has given me.

“God save the King!” she bawled, as her interview wrapped and she leapt towards the bridge.

'Here here!' we holler, and bottoms up to the both of you.

source: ITV

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm A Celeb's Janice attacks Cerys for romance with Marc

I'm a Celeb contestant Janice Dickinson spoke out in camp last night, suggesting Marc Bannerman's eviction was due to his budding romance with fellow mate Cerys Matthews.

The supermodel left Catatonia front-woman Cerys speechless as she claimed she would never have behaved in the same way with any member of camp and that she would be devastated to see her own boyfriend developing feelings for someone on screen.

Janice's attacks came in response to Cerys's confusion as to why Marc was voted off the show, advising her that she should be careful about how she behaves on television.

Janice said: "He's like a really handsome guy but every time he hugged me I had to break away because if my boyfriend saw me hugging that guy in the jungle...

"If I was watching my boyfriend hug you in the jungle I would cut his f***in' d**k off," She added.

Contestant Rodney Marsh added: "So what's so hard to understand from that point of view then?"

Cerys was left worried and blank faced as the weight of her actions started to dawn on her but a loyal Anna Ryder Richardson jumped to her defence, saying: "Yes but he did hug everybody."

However, an adamant Janice insisted: "No, he didn't hug me," later adding in the Bush Telegraph: "There's a whole lot of reachy-reachy touchy-touchy that can take place in a hammock and they were in the hammock every night."

Bannerman's eviction has changed the dynamic in camp and added to the already unsettling tension caused by arguments between the older members of the camp, mainly Lynne Franks and Rodney Marsh.

Anna said: “Marc has left a massive hole in all of us actually, in every single one of us and we were all gobsmacked is the only word I can say.”

Meanwhile, serial Bushtucker Trial participants Janice and Lynne breathed a sigh of relief when Cerys and Gemma Atkinson were chosen to perform Thursday's task.

Cerys performed her first ever trial, in contrast to the former supermodel, who took part in her eighth trial during Wednesday's episode.

The trial came as a pleasant distraction to Cerys as she claimed the trial would help keep her mind busy after Marc's eviction.

Ex-Hollyoaks babe Gemma and Cerys greeted presenters Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, who declared they were pleased to see new faces taking part in the tasks, instead of the usual participants Janice and Lynne.

Welsh singer Cerys said: "That's right, virgin trialists."

Dec went on to explain the Bat Out Of Hell task, which involved the girls being strapped into a reverse bungee.

Cerys and Gemma would then be flung into the air and would attempt to throw paint-covered tennis balls at an inflatable cone suspended in the air.

For every ball which hits the cone, the camp would win one meal.

As Ultimo underwear model Gemma realised she would be travelling at 50 miles-per-hour, she laughed: "It's a good job we haven't eaten or else we'd be puking."

After two misses, Gemma finally succeeded on her third attempt and won a meal from camp.

The thrilled 23-year-old shouted: "About frigging time, isn't it?"

After Gemma's turn, it was Cerys' time to try, who made no attempt to hide her fear as she screamed during her first ascent.

After scoring two meals during her first two attempts, lucky Cerys managed to hit the bonus black and white section, which meant she had won an extra three meals for her hungry camp-mates.

Ant told a triumphant Cerys: "You could turn into an adrenaline junkie after that – extreme sports and everything."

Cerys admitted: "That's what I'm scared about, this is nuts. It was horrible. I'm absolutely still shaking it was good but when you realise you've got to fall it's just not right."

Gemma agreed: "I hated it... not a nice feeling."

The two girls happily returned to camp with a total of six meals.


'Put your kids first,' I'm a Celeb's Janice warns loved-up Cerys

I'm A Celebrity ... Get me out of here! contestant Janice Dickinson has warned mother-of-two Cerys Matthews to be careful with men and to put her children first.

Janice, 52, dished out the advice, replacing recently evicted Anna Ryder Richardson as Cerys' confidante, after Catatonia front-woman Cerys' feelings for ex-camper Marc Bannerman appeared to become even stronger throughout her time in the jungle.

Dickinson maintained that she was happy for Cerys, 32, but warned her to take things slowly as the embarassed singer was barely able to mutter a response.

anice said: "You need someone who wants the package deal. The children have to come first. Go slow."

Opinionated Janice used her own disastrous past experiences as an example of how Cerys could be making a mistake in pursuing her relationship with the former Eastenders star.

Janice: "There are guys that, yes, they want it at first, to be with the woman and they love the children and then they push the children out. It's happened to me on several occasions. It's the first thing I look for."

Bannerman and Matthews' flirtations in the jungle caused outrage as he had a girlfriend of two years, resulting in Marc's eviction and the break up of his relationship with actress Sarah Matravers.

As Matravers appears to have moved out of the home she shared with Marc, 34, Cerys has been discussing their own future, with fellow campers alluding to a possible wedding.

Although Cerys claims she will never remarry following her recent divorce from American music producer Seth Riddle, father of her two young children Glenys Pearl Y-Felin and Johnny Tupelo Jones, she has been excited by the prospect that Bannerman may be greeting her in Australia when she leaves the show.

Meanwhile, loudmouth Janice took the opportunity to open up about her past, admitting to an alcohol addiction that compromised her competence as a parent.

The three-times-divorced mother-of-two, who claims to have bedded an array of stars including Jack Nicholson and Mick Jagger, said if she could change anything in her life she would try not to be so angry and wouldn't have been unfaithful in her marriage.

Speaking to Cerys around the campfire in a rare moment of introspection, she said: "I wish someone was watching me because I was way too young and the alcohol was way too prevalent; it was free and I drank the whole tray. I came from a poor background. I regret that."

The heart-felt talk added to the downbeat mood after Anna's departure as the sixth contestant to be evicted. The camp mates were all shocked when Anna left, expressing their sadnessn - apart from Janice who said she was glad and was set on winning the show.

After Anna left, Cerys said: "I really feel like I have lost a sister now that Anna's gone. Anna and I got really really close. We'd just hang out on a log all the time and I miss her very much.

Ex-Five band member "J" said: "I'm really sad to see Anna go, she's an absolutely lovely, lovely woman."

Panto star Christopher Biggins agreed, adding: "I have been through a lot with Anna, she's absolutely gorgeous, I love her. From day one she was a real good egg."

But Janice said: "I am happy to see Anna go. She didn't want to be here. She complained the whole time. This wasn't right, that wasn't right. Maybe she's just typically English.

"I want to win. I want to be here for the duration. I deserve it."


Janice Dickinson gets even more bitchy in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Bitchy supermodel Janice Dickinson told her jungle rival to wear an ostrich food suit during a trial because there was more of her to eat.

The snide comment was made during the ‘Nip Pluck’ bushtucker trial, which saw Janice operating a giant claw that moved Lynne around an ostrich pen.

PR guru Lynne Franks, dressed in a yellow suit covered in bird food, had to pick up stars with her feet for reality show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

“I’ll operate,” said Janice after the challenge was explained.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me,” moaned Lynne.

“There’s more on you to pluck. There’s nothing to pluck on me. They’re going to love you,” gushed Janice.

But despite getting off on the wrong foot, the bickering pair managed to work as a team and secure seven out of eleven stars.

And there was no rest for the wicked. Janice faced her sixth trial, crawling along a 200ft high rope collecting flags and dropping them to ex-footballer Rodney Marsh on a cable below.

After falling off seven times, he moaned: “I am absolutely knackered. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything as physically demanding as that.” They returned to the camp with just two stars.

“It was 100 per cent my fault so I’m not going to join in the food tonight,” said Rodney.

Lynne is next up for the bushtucker trial - the Tunnel of Terror. She will be forced to retrieve stars from a tunnel full of rats and spiders.

source: Showbiz Sky

Janice Dickinson: ‘I’m going to have sex with wombats’

‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ star Janice Dickinson has revealed her cunning plan to be crowned queen of the jungle.

‘I’m going to have sex with wombats,’ she screams. ‘I dated Mick Jagger – you don’t think I could have sex with wombats? I’m also going to get naked. They asked me to wear a modesty suit – as if you limeys don’t take your clothes off.’

52-year-old Janice, says that she always knew jungle life would be a challenge for someone as high-maintenance as she is.

‘I’m a room service kinda girl,’ she says. ‘I wanted to wear 9in Manolos, but they say they’re not good for the outback. I’ve got my Vivienne Westwood corset, though. If I’m strapped into that I don’t think a snake will have the bottle to climb down my cleavage.’

Janice also hatched a plan to smuggle some contraband into the jungle, she said: ‘I’ll try anything I can get into any open hole,’ she boasts. ‘There’s 27ft of colon in your body, so God knows what you can jam up there. I’ll be like Midnight Express. Pounds of illicit devices will fall out of my ass.’

See the full interview in Britain’s Now magazine, which is out now.

Source: Showbiz Spy