Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Janice "IACGMOOH" news

Former model Janice Dickinson has cost her I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! team-mates a meal, after losing the first Bushtucker Trial in the series.

Janice had insisted she should represent the 'Snake Rock' in the contest against 'Croc Creek' member Marc Bannerman, telling her team-mates: "I'm ready to win. You know I will do my very best, 100 per cent to kick ass no matter what if I have to eat, sleep, s**t, f**k, whatever I'll do it."

And her determination might have got the better of her, after the minutiae of the first task was revealed.

Janice and former EastEnders actor Marc were strapped into a giant cog wheel from which they were required to collect stars held in a carriage on a miniature railway line below them.

And after being strapped in, Janice commented: "Wow, this is so S and M, I think I like it."

But of course, the celebrities had some rather unpleasant company for their first Bushtucker Trial, with the first carriage containing eels.

Janice squirmed at the slimy sea-dwellers, and though she fared better with the second carriage of fish guts, a third carriage of mealworms was too much for her and she conceded the trial to Marc.

Celebrating having grabbed all three stars, Marc - who played Gianni di Marco on the BBC1 soap - said: "Fantastic! I would have had to hang my head in shame had I have gone back without a meal."

Janice later clashed with PR guru Lynne Franks while cooking dinner and 'joked' about stabbing her.

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