Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jan fancies Brit star Tom Jones


Published: Today

GOBBY Janice Dickinson is in love - with our very own Brit sensation Tom Jones.

The supermodel was left open-mouthed when Gemma told her Cerys recorded a duet with the Welsh warbler.

Janice said: "What! He was my childhood idol. Oh my God!

"When I was a little girl Tom Jones was my favourite in the whole wide world."

The Catatonia singer collaborated with the Sex Bomb star for 1999 hit Baby, It's Cold Outside.

Janice said to Cerys: "Gemma told me who you are.

"I'm truly gobsmacked."

She added: "He's the nicest man. I met him in Beverly Hills once.

"He was with his wife, but when I saw him he told me to give him a kiss."

Cerys agreed, saying he was gorgeous.

source: The Sun

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