Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Janice Dickinson: ‘I’m going to have sex with wombats’

‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ star Janice Dickinson has revealed her cunning plan to be crowned queen of the jungle.

‘I’m going to have sex with wombats,’ she screams. ‘I dated Mick Jagger – you don’t think I could have sex with wombats? I’m also going to get naked. They asked me to wear a modesty suit – as if you limeys don’t take your clothes off.’

52-year-old Janice, says that she always knew jungle life would be a challenge for someone as high-maintenance as she is.

‘I’m a room service kinda girl,’ she says. ‘I wanted to wear 9in Manolos, but they say they’re not good for the outback. I’ve got my Vivienne Westwood corset, though. If I’m strapped into that I don’t think a snake will have the bottle to climb down my cleavage.’

Janice also hatched a plan to smuggle some contraband into the jungle, she said: ‘I’ll try anything I can get into any open hole,’ she boasts. ‘There’s 27ft of colon in your body, so God knows what you can jam up there. I’ll be like Midnight Express. Pounds of illicit devices will fall out of my ass.’

See the full interview in Britain’s Now magazine, which is out now.

Source: Showbiz Spy