Thursday, November 15, 2007

Janice Dickinson warns Katie Hopkins: 'I'm reigning queen of bitches'

Fireworks were expected to fly on I'm A Celebrity after self-confessed man-eater Katie Hopkins was flown into the jungle to join an already warring camp.

Contestants Janice Dickinson and Lynne Franks have been at loggerheads in the reality TV show with name-calling and threats of violence all within 24 hours.

Now Miss Hopkins - who became the most reviled contestant in The Apprentice when she boasted of her affairs with married men - has been sent in to set the cat among the pigeons and is tipped to ignite tensions still further.

A show insider said: "It was thought that putting another alpha-female into the camp would be sure to create fireworks. She is another strong character to add to an already headstrong mix."

Miss Hopkins, who described herself as "Simon Cowell in female form", is predicted to vie for the position of least popular camp member amongst her team mates - two of whom have already fallen out in spectacular fashion.

The team, which is made up nearly entirely of women, features self-proclaimed supermodel Miss Dickinson, 52, and PR guru Miss Franks, 59, who were locked in a feud less than 24 hours after being thrown together in the Australian Outback.

Queen Bees: Katie joined fellow alpha females Janice Dickinson (left) and Lynne Franks

Within hours of meeting the former Apprentice Miss Dickinson threw down the gauntlet and declared she was the "reigning queen" of bitches in the camp.

Despite her insults Miss Dickinson redeemed herself last night in her second jungle task.

The camp went hungry after she lost the first trial when she refused to put her head in a tank full of eels.

But yesterday she won nine stars which she threw from a sinking Land Rover submerged in a swamp, beating football pundit Rodney Marsh for the Croc Creek team.

Rumours of romance were also rife as Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews was seen getting cosy with former Eastenders actor Marc Bannerman.

The pair hugged and tickled each other as they flirted in the Croc Creek camp.

Speaking from her five star hotel before her entry into the jungle Miss Hopkins warned: "I do say things as I see them and I do create tensions because I am outrageously honest and therefore rude in many cases to other people's sensitivities.

"But for people who don't know me well I am a breath of fresh air, I am a sort of Simon Cowell in female form without perhaps the witty one-liners that he's got.

"I say things as they are and normally it's not something you see in a woman."

She added: "Men particularly can do it, women aren't allowed to but I say b*******s to that and you know, I think it's a good thing."

Hopkins is a replacement for former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren who dramatically quit the show before even entering the camp.

The mother of two's inclusion means that Jason "J" Brown is the lone male in the tempestuous group.

She surprised Snake Rock camper Gemma Atkinson by appearing from the jungle fauna after the glamour girl was sent to bring a treasure chest back to camp.

The former Met Office employee, who was fired following negative publicity in the Apprentice, admitted that she tends to be impatient.

She said: "I don't like moaners, I don't like people that drip, I don't like lazy people, I don't like doom and gloom people and I don't like people who are very 'me'. I would have to take the p*** out of them."

Miss Hopkins established her reputation as a homewrecker after naked pictures of the 32 year-old man-eater romping in a field with married colleague Mark Cross, 43, were published this year.

The couple now live together and plan to marry after Mr Cross' divorce is finalised.

Both Miss Hopkins and former supermodel Miss Dickinson, 53, pride themselves on speaking their mind which is sure to result in explosive catfights.

Miss Dickinson has already boasted she "grew up in a swamp" with outdoors survival skills while Hopkins is a graduate of Sandhurst military academy.

Friendships have been slow to form in the first 24 hours of jungle life.

Janice Dickinson and Lynne Franks had an immediate personality clash with Dickinson branding Franks a "shrew" while the PR guru retaliated and called her "brash" and "aggressive".

Before even making it into camp Miss Dickinson - who had a tummy tuck and neck lift in preparation for camp life - warned Franks: "You don't want me as an enemy - say nice things about me."

The Crocs have proved themselves the more harmonious team made up of interior design presenter Anna Ryder Richardson, ex-Eastenders actor Mark Bannerman, pop singer Cerys Matthews and Michelin-starred chef John Burton Race.

While the Snakes canoed into camp the Crocs made a 1000 foot bungee jump from a helicopter, a feat which made both Cerys Matthews and Ryder Richardson cry with fear.

source: This is London

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