Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Meet Janice

Age: “None of your business” (but said to be 52)

Occupation: Mother, Super Model, Writer, TV Personality, TV Producer

Celebrity supporters: Duke Snyder (hairdresser)

Phobias: none

Special skills: skiing, swimming and climbing trees.

JANICE DICKINSON is the gobby yummy mummy who is sure to give us an eyeful in a bikini.

She describes herself as the world’s first supermodel, who’s career now spans TV, writing and running a model agency.

Janice was the acid-tongued judge on America's Next Top Model before reportedly being sacked by Tyra Banks.

Despite being firmly against cruelty to animals, she said: “I’ve been around the world, I’ve eaten monkey brain, I’ve eaten ants, and I’ve eaten creepy crawly things.

“I didn’t eat for ten years, so if I don’t have to eat for a month in the jungle, well I’ll probably find some rice or beans or a can of sardines.”

The stunner, who includes Sylvester Stallone and Jack Nicholson amongst her exes, isn't the least bit worried about being filmed 24 hours a day, because she says: “I was born in front of a camera.”

She thinks viewers will relate to her because she is “real, except for my t*ts”.

Janice describes herself as chronically punctual, having a devilish sense of humour, sensitive and patient to a fault.


Published: 10 Nov 2007

Sun magazine

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