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SHE calls herself the World’s First Supermodel.

My Wild sex! Janice tells all

But Janice Dickinson is better known for being showbiz’s wildest starlet, years before Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

The Botoxed motormouth slept with Hollywood’s most famous men - and women - as her modeling career took off in the Seventies.

Janice, 52, says she bedded the likes of Mick Jagger, Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Bruce Willis and Frank Zappa.

She also claims to have romped with Grace Jones and The Woman in Red star Kelly LeBrock.

Then there’s the small matter of three marriages as Janice earned a reputation as a legendary maneater.


Talking about the wild ’70s, Janice laughed: “That era was a buffet of surgery, puking, drugs, booze and moments so horrifying that even remembering them gives me wrinkles.”

Four star lovers ... Mick, Jack, Bruce, Warren

Four star lovers ... Mick, Jack, Bruce, Warren

The brash brunette snorted cocaine with John Belushi, drank herself into a stupor constantly and starved herself for days on end to stay skinny during her modelling years.

Even at the age of 14, Janice would go over to the home of a friend and “get stoned” in the afternoons.

But she sweated hard to make it as a model.

By 1979 she was on the cover of world-famous magazines such as Vogue, Cosmo and Elle and strutting down the catwalk for Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace and Valentino.

Janice even claims to have coined the term supermodel after her agent warned her not to accept every job, saying: “You’re going to get sick - do you think you’re Superman?”.

Dickinson quipped: “No, I’m Supermodel.”

In between she found time to wed three times and have a string of flings.

She divorced first hubby, musician Ron Levy in the late 70s.


Then Janice wed Simon Fields in 1987 and had son Nate but split in 1992.

Dickinson next tied the knot with Al Gersten in 1995 in a flamboyant red dress - but that marriage lasted little less than a year.

Spilling the beans on her affairs she said Die Hard hunk Bruce Willis “was the kind of sweetheart who bounded out of bed to go buy you breakfast”.

Legendary ladies’ man Warren Beatty “knew where everything was and what to do with it” but she grew tired of him when she found him gazing at himself in the mirror in the middle of the night.

Janice dumped Beatty at a party to go home with super-rogue Jack Nicholson who “had a great smile and was irresistibly funny”.

Sly look ... Janice and Stallone

Sly look ... Janice and Stallone

She said: “He was surrounded by the most gorgeous models in the business but he behaved as if I were the only one in the room. So I left with Jack — much to Warren’s chagrin — and we went back to the Carlyle (hotel) where he had a suite.”

She dated Rolling Stone Mick Jagger after meeting him at a club in LA and he began dancing with her.

He filled her hotel room with pink roses just hours later, leaving a note saying: “Meet me after work. Prince Philip.”

Janice said: “Mick has more energy in bed than a heat-seeking missile. Our affair was very physical. I was madly in love with him.”

Jagger’s girlfriend Jerry Hall famously phoned her and told her to stay away, warning: “I have a gun in my purse and know how to use it.”

But Janice sneered: “No one scares me. I tossed Mick out after eight months because I didn’t want to move to London. It was my choice.”

Dickinson’s most celebrated conquest is Rambo and Rocky legend Sylvester Stallone.

They met in Los Angeles when she had started work as a photographer and was shooting a naked Naomi Campbell when Sly barrelled up out of the blue.

Smitten Dickinson was married to Simon Fields at the time but soon dumped him.

The torrid affair ended when she became pregnant and Stallone denied the baby girl was his - insisting on a DNA test.

He was proved right.

And in 1993 he moaned being with Janice had been “like hanging in Satan’s armpit”.

Dickinson also claimed she spent several days in a hotel room with Grace Jones and actor Dolph Lundgren having wild sex.

No regrets ... megamouth
Janice now

No regrets ... megamouth
Janice now

The leggy model boasted she had had an affair with Kelly LeBrock, describing how once after staying up all night having sex she was awoken by Kelly’s maid. So she fired her and went back to bed.

Now Dickinson has her sights set on Sir Paul McCartney - mocking his estranged wife Heather Mills.

She said: “I have my eye on Paul. He was my favourite Beatle and I fell for him years ago. I’ve contacted him recently after seeing what he’s gone through with Heather Mills. She’s a fool.”

Janice insists she would never change her wild past and roared: “Would I do it all again? You bet I would.”

But as her fame had grown back then, so her drink and drug use spiralled out of control.

She admits: “Even today in my darkest moments, I want a drink so badly my entire body is screaming.”

Janice confesses she spent two days before a dinner with former US President Ronald Reagan and wife Nancy “feasting on diet pills, coke, uppers and downers”.


During one boozing session, she even tumbled off a a catwalk into the lap of movie queen Sophia Loren.

But the one-time party animal has settled down with her children Nathan, 20, and Savannah, 13, and cameraman boyfriend Tommy Fry.

But, typically, Janice still brags: “I’m 52 but 20-year-olds line up in droves. One of my son’s friends called me the other night asking for it. My son would go mad if he found out.”

Oops, we think he just might have.

source: The Sun

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